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Custom Orders


All of my plugs are made to order. With over 100 custom colors and patterns, almost any paint combination can be applied to any of my lures. 


See the Plug Gallery for some of my past customer builds.

How to Order a Custom Plug

1) Contact me in any of the following ways.


Facebook Direct Message (DM)

Alans Custom Lures

By Phone


2) Provide your name and contact information and the type of plug(s) you are ordering and a description of the plug color and pattern.  Please note, if you are adding foil to the plug. More details can be shared once the order is confirmed.

Colors and Patterns










Many of the colors and patterns I have created represent many of the baits we see in the waters we fish, but don't let that limit you to what can be ordered.

Foiled Plugs









Predatory fish zero in on a flash of scales.  Adding foil to your order can provide that extra flash to attract a strike.  Please be sure to let me know if you are adding flash to your plug.

** Please note that there is an additional $5.00 fee (per plug) when adding foil.


Plug Construction

Each plug is constructed of solid resin, which has advantages over wood and plastic lures.  The resin is completely waterproof and will not change over time.  They do not absorb water so they will not leak or get water logged.

  • All plugs feature sealed thru-wire construction, stainless steel Rosco split rings and VMC 4X hooks.

  • A sealed epoxy finish provides a durable and lasting top coat to each lure.



Please note that a $10.00 fee (per plug) will be applied to any fully unpaid orders, prior to the given build/start date.  Fees will be taken from the received deposit and the remainder of which will be refunded.

All customer canceled orders MUST BE canceled 2 weeks prior to the given build date.
Deposits will then be refunded. 
Deposits will not be refunded if an order cancelation is not received 2 weeks before the build date.


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